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World Wide Scholarships is a multifaceted global sports, art, and academics organisation.

Impacting lives, communities, and nations.

We are the largest university and high school placement agency in the African region, and we
are here to empower the talent by linking scholars to international colleges, universities and high
schools that match their God-given talents and abilities.

WWS believes that each scholar is unique, our assessment process is vigorous and using these
assessment methods we have managed to link over 1000+ students with opportunities that have
changed their lives for the better and lead them to a pathway of achieving greatness. 

World Wide Scholarships specialises in linking:

  • Athletic universities and high schools that offer scholarships to high performing athletes in all sports 

  • Academic scholarships to high performing academic students

  • Art scholarships to high performing visual and physical arts, music, and dance students

  • Students wanting to better their academic scores and study abroad with Junior Colleges or Prep Schools