Frequently asked questions

Can my family attend to watch me play during the camp?

Due to COVID-19, no spectators will be allowed at the venue, a social distancing drop
off point will be in place to ensure our camp attendees are following the COVID-19

Is there a limit to the number of athletes being scouted?

The WWS Scout Camp partners with many leading institutions world wide to provide
talented athletes with a variety of opportunities. There is no limit to athletes being scouted
but rather athletes are selected for different opportunities depending on their level of

Do the options include sports only or academics as well?

The camp focus is on sports, but an athlete’s academics contributes to the type of
institutions they can attend if they are awarded with a scholarship offer at an institution. All
applicants older than 14 years should include their latest academic transcripts should they
wish to gain scholarship opportunities.

What happens after you have been scouted?

Once a player has been scouted by a coach at the WWS Scout Camp, they will be told which opportunity they have been selected for via email, or WhatsApp on the contact details they provided on their registration form. This can take anywhere from 1 – 3 weeks to receive
feedback from different camp partners and institutions.

What happens if I don’t get scouted?

World Wide Scholarships is Africa’s leading talent placement agency, should you not be
scouted at the camp we are always happy to help you get the right career counselling and
guidance as well as link you with institutions that match your ability. Please visit our website
at for more information. Alternatively if you had a bad performance day you are welcome to attend another event!

How do I get to the camp and where will I sleep?

The WWS Scout Camp partners with travel agents to assist our athletes with their travel and
accommodation arrangements during the camp. For more information click here

What do I need to bring with to the camp?

  • Sports gear, sneakers or boots, athletic tape if needed, extra kit if needed
  • Towels
  • Kit bag
  • Water bottles and water
  • Packed Lunch (Some of our camps have vendors on site however please ensure to have a packed lunch as well)

What happens if I get injured during the camp?

All our camps have trained first aid staff on site, if an athlete has medical insurance they
need to supply that information on the registration form to be taken to a private hospital.
Please see more information for medical injuries on our terms and conditions page.

What is your refund policy?

Please see our terms and conditions page for more information on our refund policy.