With the growing interest in talent from Africa in basketball over the last few years, the NBA has created a league and many talent scouting opportunities to open gateways for talent in America as well as in Europe. WWS in collaboration with Hoops Consulting and Todd Landrey have created a platform to empower basketball talent in the many areas of a players development from youth to professional opportunities. 


Through the WWS Basketball Camp the following opportunities will be unearthed:


•             Coaching and development for players and coaches

•             High school placement for basketball 

•             University placement for basketball

•             Talent showcase of top basketball players in front of top international opportunities

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Basketball Match




CEO of World Wide Scholarships, the largest university placement agency in the African region. 


Entrepreneur, teacher, coach and sports executive with a steadfast commitment to cultivating enriching environments that inspire people of all ages and abilities. With 25+ years leadership experience at the youth, collegiate and NBA level developing leaders and driving culture, Todd believes in using sports as a means to inspire, educate and guide an individual's growth, transformation and transition from the youth of today into the leaders of tomorrow.